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Update: 2/9/09 - Zachariah_Riogrande_Dimitreanda_Pod
Update: 2/9/09
I've not been here for a while and I guess I should throw some stuff down.

I'm back to being tired often again. Which is bad.

January was a month of ups and downs for me. I don't know how I should go about saying this so I guess I should just say it as straight forward as possible. I thought for 2 weeks that I had found someone like me, that I would be happy being around me and liked me for who I am but it turns out she's got a boyfriend. That didn't really stop her from wanted to be with me but one night of drunken insight from Adam and a few conversations with her later I realize that I don't feel the same way about her anymore.

I need to take an emotional inventory because I think I'm all over the place. I'm feeling things I haven't felt before and I don't want to fuck anything up but what's life without risks? I feel like I'm doing anything because I don't like what the end will be. It's like not eating an apple because it will eventually be a core but on a much grander scale.

I feel right now that I could burst into tears or into flames. I feel like a stereo where all the EQ settings are turned all the way up and everything is screeching at me in random bursts.

On the lighter side: Streetlight Manifesto was great. I saw them Saturday (the seventh). I'm playing Ultimate Frisbee and Football and I love it and my friends are great. I'm most happy around them.

Current Mood: indescribable
Current Music: Where'd You Go? by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

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