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So what if I'm crazy? - Zachariah_Riogrande_Dimitreanda_Pod
So what if I'm crazy?
I had a dream that was totally out there last night. Chrissy, get your dream book out.

It started in a small South American village full of people from the Philippines and I was Indiana Jones (not Harrison Ford) and Sean Connery (just Sean Connery). We were discussing the best way to get to my school were Hitler/Voldemort was holed up. My school was in the Pacific Northwest, so we were sailing south to get to it. We took a boat there and hid it in some woods. At that point some pregnant girl from the village starts tripping out and Doc Brown (Back to the Future) shows up and gives me an Airsoft gun.

We started to sneak towards the school through the woods and found Hitler/Voldemort's boat there. As we walked over a hill we saw the school, it was like a Death Star fortress but it wasn't circular. The next thing I know we're in Hitlermort's personal chamber. So I shoot him in the face with the airsoft gun. Then he shot me in the head three times, but I was ok. We got away when someone attacked him with a plastic sword.

I was then outside of the fortress running with a bunch of people that go/went to THS along with some circus freaks and such. There were school buses and I was trying to find me but I just kept running. When all the buses were gone I found a parking lot with cars. Chrissy's car was there and suddenly right behind me was Chrissy, Hannah and Andrell. We got in her car and flew away. Apparently there were 12 of Hitlermort's Generals and they tried to impede our escape, all I remember is that Hermes (Futurama) told us he was sorry but he had to try to kill us. We got away and landed in a neighborhood, some how I got separated from the people in Chrissy's car.

There was a house that was full of people that escaped so I went in there and tried to find people I know. Pretty much I wandered around for a long time. I saw a few people I recognized. Sherri Rose told me that she was in the same car as my mom, sister and my cat and that they were ok.

After that I woke up and ate some breakfast, but seriously, what the hell? It was a really weird dream.
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From: my_ghostly_rose Date: June 16th, 2008 11:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
You just looked up stuff about your dream in my room.
___sofaraway From: ___sofaraway Date: June 17th, 2008 01:36 am (UTC) (Link)
Dang, what a dream!
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