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Time to bang out an end of summer post - Zachariah_Riogrande_Dimitreanda_Pod
Time to bang out an end of summer post
So summer is done. It feels like that the end snuck up on me, though the summer itself seemed long. I was free this year. I had my license and a truck to get where I want to go, yet I spent a lot of time at home. I cemented some friendships and shook the foundation of others and I feel like a throughly changed person. I'm looking forward to my junior year at THS. Mostly right now for Marching Band. Although I've spent so much time with my friends these past months, I need the securing family of the Band to reassure me. I feel like I've drifted a bit this summer.

A person that I care about deeply has put yet another heavy burden upon me again. She represents Darkness in my life and when I think about her I feel sad and a bit dragged down. I know she loves me but she's destroying herself. I hope this year is a cleansing one for her. On the opposite side of that same token, I've found someone who represents the light in my life. I'm unsure of her feelings towards me but whenever I'm around her, I feel as if I could float. I'm not dragged down by drama and tears.

Band Camp was a high point. It was a taste of things to come. I can't believe I'm already half done with high school. It's going too fast. Sometimes I wish I could jump on the brakes and take everything at a leisurely pace but I don't think that's how I'm supposed to take all of this in. The weeks fly by but the minutes crawl with the speed of molasses in a snowstorm. I'm listening to Anberlin and that always makes me more pensive than I usually am.

I'm just glad that I could have a good time with my friends this summer. Thanks to Aaron and Josh and Chrissy and JoshBrown and Hannah and Jace and Jon and Holly and Brianna and Casey and Jeff and Tyler and Erin and Kat and everyone else. It's been a good one, maybe the last one with all of you.

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